Who we are

Anna, Julien and Kelly are the core IKAT team members. They all have extensive skills and experience in adult training and facilitation. They are eager to share and facilitate knowledge and competencies knowledge generation and exchanges for improving programs and projects’ outcomes and impacts all over the world!

IKAT team members come from three different continents. Together, the IKAT Team has over 60 years’ experience working in over 50 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Balkans and Eastern and Western Europe.

They have designed, managed and evaluated projects and programs for the public and private sector, delivered lectures in academic settings, provided training and coaching for NGOs, private companies and public sector institutions. They have written academic journal articles and practical training manuals.

Anna is a professional agricultural economist. She has over 25 years’ experience in advisory services, training, lecturing, research, facilitating, managing and consulting in and with Swiss public organisations as well as international organisations. She also works close to the private sector. She is a recognized gender expert.

Julien is a senior agronomist who specialized in development project management and monitoring, evaluation and learning. He has experience in research, management and consulting. He regularly design and deliver training courses in RBM and evaluation.

Kelly is a senior leader with over 25 years’ experience providing professional leadership learning and development, adult experiential learning, training, consulting and advisory services to public sector organisations around the world. She is a Registered Professional Trainer (RPT) and Certified Action Learning Coach (CALC).

All three have worked in many different settings:

  • Developed, emerging and developing countries (Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe).
  • In public and private organisations.
  • With farmers, local communities, project staff, national leaders.
International Quality Assurance Training