How we work

The IKAT team works in a collegial manner. We combine our expertise and experience to provide the best possible results for our clients. Our work is defined by collaborative advantage and co-creation. The IKAT team works in a collaborative dynamic-exchange manner with you to develop innovative and responsive programmes that meet your specific needs.

We provide strategic yet practical, tactical, hands-on solutions and we work globally.

We are experts and capacity builders who work at institutional, organisational and individual using integrated tools including training, facilitation, evaluation, coaching and expert advisory services.

  • In our advisory role, we research best practices and use rigorous methods and experiences from around the world to inform evidence-based recommendations.
  • In our capacity building role, we use experiential learning with individual and we accompany institutions and organisations as they adapt and change.

Our values

IKAT is committed to gender equality. As such, all IKAT Core Team Members have the same workload and the same daily fee with no gender discrimination.

IKAT believes in climate action. We are committed to deliver a carbon neutral mandate, and so will always travel the most direct route, will offset any miles travelled by plane, and will ensure that we use public transport whenever it is available.

IKAT believes in creating spaces where complex ideas, key debates and recommendations are presented in an engaging and participatory manner that is respectful, safe, inclusive and sensitive to differing views, cultures and experiences.

International Quality Assurance Training